LevelFields was designed to find events that move share prices over the short and long-term. Events identified fall into different categories, called Scenarios. In each scenario, you can view how these events typically affect share prices. You can use this information to inform your investments or trades.

If you want to make short term trades, view the event impact for an event over 1 day or multiple days, then decide if you want to buy the stock and at what price you want to sell it.

For longer term trades, view the Table View within a scenario and plot how the stocks trend over multiple months. When you have an idea of how the price typically moves, buy the stock and set an exit price using the analytics to determine how much of a return you can expect.

The Basics

  • Browse scenarios and find one that matches your risk tolerance and desired returns

  • View the Table Views in each scenario to see how the events play out over time

  • Use filters to find companies with good financials in sectors you're interested in, or to better understand how a company attribute (sector, financials, size, etc) affects how the market reacts to the event affecting companies like it.

  • Turn on alerts to generate short-term trades and longer term investment ideas

  • Identify bull markets within specific industries by browsing events within bullish scenarios where the company is returning capital to shareholders (dividend increases, buybacks, dividend creation)

  • Setup a Watchlist to track the performance of your stocks or stocks you're thinking of buying

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