If you've used the application for a year and traded on the alerts and have not found value from the system, alerts, or newsletter, you can request a refund. The process and specifics of this policy are in our terms and conditions in the site footer below. They were presented to you when you signed up.

Our goal is to provide as much value as we can and we really want you to succeed. Not everyone understands how to use the application right away. Others just want to peak at the data and analytics. We set our policy to empower users of the system who are trying to solve the same problems we are - getting better information, faster. 

We do not provide instant or pro-rata refunds and that is spelled out in the terms and conditions you agreed to when purchasing a subscription. 

We're not trying to be difficult. We just have our reasons:

  1. We provide trade ideas, data, news, and insights all year long. We know there is value in this information and users tell us as much over and over again. If you subscribed, you received useful information and will continue to get useful information for the duration of your subscription. It's already been provided to you and some of the information took years to produce. We can't pull it out of your brain.

  2. We're always improving. So even if you don't like this site today, you probably will in two months. If you tell us what to improve, we will try our best to implement the improvement.

  3. 90% of people who have requested refunds in the past did so because of personal reasons or because they needed more help using the information, not because they didn't like the application. 

  4. Certain days of the year are bad for trading due to macroeconomic events. If you try the service during these days alone, you're not getting a true picture of how the application helps during more normal periods.

Feedback Program

In some cases, we are willing to credit back some money to your account in exchange for detailed feedback about your interest in the platform, use of the platform, investor experience, and other pieces of feedback that help us improve things for other users. That is done on a case by case basis, but you can inquire by emailing support@levelfields.ai.  

Please keep in mind we're doing this to improve, for everyone's benefit, so the feedback we need should be specific enough to enable us to change a feature or a module of the application. 

Referral Program

Some users who liked the platform requested refunds because their personal situation changed. Because of this, we created a referral program where we'll refund your subscription in full if you're able to get at least 2 friends to signup. Just email support@levelfields.ai with their email addresses once they sign up and we'll issue the refund.