There are a number of reasons why you might be getting an error message on LevelFields. Let's cover a few of the most common reasons.

Using a VPN

If you're using a VPN, it may create issues on the site.  External sites we integrate may drop the connection to you as if they see you are using a VPN, causing an error.

VPNs may interfere with cookies and cache required to enhance performance and speed across the platform. Without them, load times increase which may lead to dropped connections.

VPN providers may not be able to supply the signal fast enough, slowing your load times to the point where the site times out. 

For the best experience, turn off your VPN while using LevelFields. We do not track browsing data.

Poor Internet Connection

If your connection speed is slow, you may run into network timeout issues as LevelFields pages are loaded with data and metrics that calculate as you load the page. If your connection speed is too slow, these calculations cannot take place fast enough before your network connection times out.

Using an Old Browser Version or Less Common Browser

For the best possible experience, use a newer version of Google Chrome. There are so many browser, operating system, and device combinations, it's not possible to optimize for all of them.

Not Clearing Out Old Cookies and Cache

Tracking cookies and older cache from 3rd parties can interfere with your experience on LevelFields by decreasing load times. This can lead to network errors. Please be sure to clear out your old cookies if you run into problems. The link below describes the process.