Think of it this way: the Level 1 Plan is completely do-it-yourself and the Level 2 plan includes alerts called out by our analysts as well as investment and trade positioning for future events. 

At Level 1, you get access to all the scenarios, all of the data, alerts with the ability to customize them, and all of the trends. You do not get as many years of data, assistance from humans (except the customer support line), personal training on how to use the platform and its data, or Level 2 scenarios.

If you subscribe to Level 1, you can convert to Level 2 and the remaining amount of your Level 1 subscription will offset part or all of the first month of Level 2.  

However, because Level 2 comes with training one-on-one on how to optimize use of the platform, there are no downgrades to Level 1 available save for extraordinary situations. 

If you are new to trading, it's probably better to get the extra help from Level 2 to avoid the learning curve. But it depends on your financial situation. You will need capital to invest in the trades. 

The trade ideas we come up with are shared with Level 2 members, and many of the trades we share include the use of options contracts to mitigate risk and maximize profits.  

The training provided in the Level 2 plan alone is worth the subscription price for the year. It's like getting 3 years of trading experience packed into one hour. And it's information that can be used for many years, so that is something to value and consider.

But if you're comfortable trading and following the data on your own, Level 1 is still a great value and many members enjoy doing things on their own.

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