The stock prices react depending on the type of company, not just the CEO event. If you think of specific examples, it's easiest to understand. 

Example 1: Bezos leaves Amazon
Market reaction: holy sh*t, is this the end of Amazon's growth? (stock down)
Reality check in months ahead: Amazon is so big it can carry on without its founder (stock rebounds)

Example 2: Disney CEO replaced 
Market reaction: Yeah! he tanked the financials. Bring in someone better who can turn a damn profit! (stock up)
Reality check in days ahead: It's gonna take a while to improve things (stock simmers)

Using the company financial filters gets you more understanding of how things may play out. Likewise, examining other company attributes like size and profitability will better reveal the market's reaction to specific events. 

Use the filters on the left side of the Scenario Summary Page. Then watch how the selections impact the win rate and the 1D event impacts. 

Use the filters on the left of the Scenario Table View to see how the selections impact the longer term price moves of the companies post-event.

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