You can set custom alerts for the stocks on a watchlist for specific events or all events. This is not done by default so as not to be annoying if you don't want them. 

If you do want alerts for stocks on your watchlist which meet the criteria for our 24 scenarios, you can set those in the Dashboard main landing page (latest events).

Here's a step by step guide to setting alerts for your watchlist:

  1. Click Dashboard from the main navigation menu up top
  2. In the filters area on the left side, select the watchlist you want to get alerts for
  3. If you want alerts for a specific scenario, select the scenario from the scenario filter
  4. If you want alerts for all 24 event types,  don't select any scenario
  5. Click create alert (big green button) at the bottom of the filter area and name your alert
  6. Go to My Alerts and click the bell icon next to your new alert to create the delivery settings you want. You can select to receive alerts hourly as the event breaks or in one daily summary at the time you select. We use military time in EST to denote the delivery times.