If you trade options, you can use any scenario. Determining which scenario to use really depends what your strategy is (long bull, bearish puts, covered calls, spreads, etc), how often you want to trade, your desired returns, and your reaction time. 
Generally speaking, events that occur premarket will impact options pricing during the day the most. Aftermarket hours tend to get priced in by the time the option contract opens for trading at 0930 ET. 

You can set alerts just for premarket and intraday events. For more help on this, please read this: https://support.levelfields.ai/support/solutions/articles/69000840439-can-i-get-alerts-for-intraday-price-moves-only-

To determine how to use the scenarios, look at the win rate and impact periods to determine the right strategy for yourself at the bottom of the scenario cards on the home page. This information is useful for determining the right expiration date and strike price for options contracts.

Longer term information on pricing action post-event can be seen in the scenario's Table View. The final column time frame is adjustable via a drop down menu. 

Using the filters on the left adjusts the averages for each time period at the bottom of the table. This information is useful for determining the right expiration date and strike price for options contracts.

You can use the events and the filters for identifying longer term movers. For example, companies that consistently raise their dividends by double digit percentages tend to rise over long periods of time, eg DKS. 

On the scenarios main page (home page), you can select from bearish events, bullish events, and events with the highest win rates.This can be helpful for determining your options strategy (puts, calls, spreads, strangles, etc.)

For core positions you already own, you can set up alerts to monitor just these stocks. This can help in deciding when to take advantage of a bullish move by selling calls, or when to protect the position by buying puts. For information on how to setup alerts for your watchlist (stocks you own), read this article: https://support.levelfields.ai/a/solutions/articles/69000843131. For information on how to setup a watchlist, read this article: https://support.levelfields.ai/a/solutions/articles/69000848666

For specific info on the scenarios and trading tip, please see the trading knowledge section: https://support.levelfields.ai/support/solutions/folders/69000645242