LevelFields' AI is like an intelligent speed reader working for you around the clock without ever resting. The AI reads 30,000 documents every minute and extracts events from the sources of information, which are typically company announcements and reports. 

The events proven to move share prices are then filtered from this list of events and the AI then has to determine what companies are impacted and assign a ticker to that company. 

Many linguistic algorithms are needed to do this, as it can be difficult to determine the source of the action, the subject of the event, the type of event, the time of the event (today, yesterday, last year), the outcome of the event, as well as sort through company nicknames and possible sources of confusion. 

Examples of How the AI Works

Without the AI, a basic keyword search would not know the difference between, as an example, a Bluebird that flies in the sky and Bluebird Bio (NASDAQ: BLUE), or AstraZeneca the pharmaceutical company and Astra the rocket company. 

Without the AI, the system could not tell what company was being added to the S&P 500 and what company was being replaced in the S&P 500. 

Without the AI, the system could not tell the difference between Elliott the activist investor, Ezegiel Elliot the football player, the Elliott the shaving company. 

Once the information is categorized, the system then pulls near real-time stock price movements every 15 minutes post-event to determine the event impact. This information is then paired with the fundamental financial and descriptive data made available via the filters and financial statements. 

How Can I Use This Information?

Users use this information to create customized search agents - searches for events, specific stocks, and companies with specific types of attributes (e.g. Large cap, tech companies with greater than 10% revenue growth and a 1% dividend or more that are raising dividends). 

The specificity of this search is unmatched in the market and not possible using traditional search engines or news feeds.

What If Analyses

The analytics made available of each event type, especially when paired with filters, can be used to run What If analyses on the events:

What If a CEO leaves a company, how does the stock react? 

What If that company had low revenue growth, how is the stock impacted? 

What if the company has high revenue growth, does the share price react differently?

Hypothesis Testing

The results of the What If Analyses are displayed on the Scenario Summary Page and updates as the filters are updated. This allows users to form and test hypotheses in real-time without the need for spreadsheets or backtesting software.

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